Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”)
are the terms and conditions upon which From Eden Floristry (“we/us”) makes
available to you, the event commissioner, any of our services. By paying the
booking fee to secure your wedding flowers with From Eden Floristry you agree
to the following terms and conditions.

From Eden Floristry and Services


1.1 All From Eden Floristry products are subject to
availability. In the event of any supply difficulties, we reserve the right to
substitute an ingredient or component within a design of equivalent value and
quality without notice. This includes specific flowers/ plants and sundries
that may not be available. We would stress that flowers and plant material are
natural products and colours may differ/ be unavailable to those agreed but we
will always make every effort to source products accordingly.

1.2 In the event that From Eden Floristry are unable
to supply product, service or any substitute product or service to you at all,
we shall notify you as soon as is reasonably possible and shall reimburse your
payment in full.

1.3 All in person consultations will be made by
appointment only. The initial consultations are complimentary. Once your
wedding date is booked From Eden Floristry is available for contact by phone
and email at any stage to answer any questions and queries you may have.
Additional consultations in person are chargeable to cover time and travel.

2.0 Prices and payment

2.1 Prices listed within the From Eden Floristry wedding
quote will remain valid for 14 days from the date sent to you. Should the
ingredients or components for the intended final design of the product or
service rise significantly we shall notify you, the event commissioner as soon
as reasonably possible and discuss the possibility of changes to cost with the
event commissioner.

2.2. The final invoice for your wedding flowers will
be issued to you after your order has been confirmed and the non-refundable booking
fee has been received. Full payment for the product or service must be received
prior to the event or service and no less than 6 weeks before the event. From
Eden Floristry reserves the right to cancel any wedding flowers, if payment is
not made by this date. We are not obliged to offer any compensation for
inconvenience caused.

2.3 Once flowers have been confirmed, any subsequent
changes made to a wedding order must be submitted in writing by the bride,
groom or appointed acting party. From Eden Floristry will order your wedding
flowers approximately ten to fourteen days before your wedding date, dependent
on type of flowers chosen. You will not be allowed to make any significant
changes after the order has been placed without additional fees. We will,
however try to make small changes where possible to accommodate your needs.

3.0 Delivery

3.1 From Eden Floristry charges for travel at a cost
of £5.00 for travel within a 5 mile radius of Salisbury and £10 within a 10
mile radius of Salisbury. For any delivery locations outside of the 10 mile
radius an appropriate delivery charge will be quoted and discussed with the
event commissioner.

3.2 Incorrect personal details may lead to problems
or delays in delivery, so before placing or confirming your order for a product
or service, please ensure that you, the event commissioner, have provided full
address and telephone details, including accurate postcode of the venue or
agreed recipient and your contact telephone number or e-mail address so that we
can notify you in the event that any delivery problems are encountered.

3.3 The event commissioner’s flowers will be
delivered or set up at a time previously agreed between From Eden Floristry and
you, the event commissioner. If for any reason we are not able to meet the
delivery or set up time, the event commissioner will be notified as soon as
feasibly possible.

3.4 If any products provided by From Eden Floristry
are being transported from one venue to another by anybody other than From Eden
Floristry staff or associates you do so at your own risk.

4.0 Apparel

4.1 Pinning of buttonholes/corsages on dresses and
suits is done at the wearers own risk. From Eden Floristry cannot be
responsible for any snagging, staining or tearing to delicate materials by any
pins or fastenings we supply.

4.2 If the use of magnets has been chosen instead of
pins to attach corsages onto clothes. Please ensure that guests wearing these
do not have a pacemaker fitted. A magnet may stop the pacemaker from working
properly. From Eden Floristry accept no responsibility for any resulting health
issue which may arise from magnets and pacemakers or ICDs.

4.3 Plant material can be harmful if consumed. For
young bridesmaids and page boys please make them aware of the dangers of eating
any of the elements in their flowers or buttonholes. The event commissioner
should also inform From Eden Floristry if pets are expected to be present at
the wedding.

5.0 Event set up

5.1 From Eden Floristry will personally deliver and
set up your flowers unless otherwise agreed. For large events trusted
assistants are brought in to ensure smooth and timely set up.

5.2 From Eden Floristry accept no responsibility for
any damage, breakages or deterioration to flowers or arrangements after they
have been delivered & checked by an individual/party, which has been
pre-arranged with the event commissioner. From this point, the flowers will be
the responsibility of the event commissioner. Because of the perishable nature
of our products, the event commissioner/ pre-arranged party will be advised
upon delivery how to store/ care for your product and we ask that you fulfil
this. Usually, the instruction will be to keep the product in a cool place,
away from draft, heat or strong fumes.

5.3 From Eden Floristry accepts no responsibility for
failure to collect, wear or use any arrangements for specific use by the bridal
party, i.e. buttonholes or bouquets, once they have been left by our team at
the relevant- and pre-agreed- venue.  Any
oversight to correctly collect and, for example, pin on buttonholes on behalf
of the wedding party as a whole, or by an individual, remains the
responsibility of said wedding party and/ or individual.

5.4 On setting up a venue it is the responsibility of
the event commissioner to make sure access and parking is available near the
venue. Any parking charges will be chargeable.

5.5 To enjoy your day we will endeavour to be off
site 1 hour before your event starts. It is vital to ensure that we have access
at suitable times in order to do this smoothly.

6.0 Cancellation of the From Eden Floristry products or

6.1 Cancellation of the From Eden Floristry products
or service must be notified as soon as reasonably possible. Any booking fee
paid will be retained regardless of the circumstances of the cancellation. As
per term 2.2, we must receive full payment 6 weeks before the event. If you
cancel your event within this time, after we have received payment from you, we
will be unable to offer a refund, and will retain the full amount.

7.0 Complaints about the From Eden Floristry product or

7.1 In the event that the event commissioner is not
satisfied with the From Eden Floristry product or service, any complaints
should be made in writing and addressed in the first instance, and within 1
working day of the delivery date, to:


8.0 Disclaimer- Ill health, Acts of God or adverse
weather conditions

8.1 Whilst we agree to use our reasonable endeavours
to ensure that the From Eden Floristry service is fully operational and
error-free we cannot guarantee this. Acts of God, sudden ill health and adverse
weather conditions may affect our ability to deliver the From Eden Floristry product
or service. However, in cases of adverse weather we will remain in contact with
the event commissioner in the lead up to the event and, if the event is out of
season, we will discuss a contingency plan with the event commissioner. We have
contingency plans for such occasions of sudden ill health. If Emily Caley of From
Eden Floristry is unable to personally complete or deliver your event, then
this will be outsourced accordingly. Ultimately, we can accept no responsibility
for Acts of God, sudden ill health or adverse weather conditions and if we are
prevented from providing the From Eden Floristry service or product as agreed,
then we can only offer a refund of full monies paid.

9.0 Photography

9.1 From Eden Floristry reserve the right to take
photographs of flowers and the setting prior to the event which may be used for
promotional purposes.

10.0 General

10.1 We reserve the right to supplement and amend the
Terms and Conditions of From Eden Floristry product or service from time to
time. We will inform the event commissioner of any changes to the From Eden
Floristry terms and conditions. If you do not sign and return a copy of the
Terms and Conditions as listed herewith; by the act of paying a booking fee you
are proceeding with the booking and entering into a contract and therefore
agree to these Terms and Conditions.

10.2 Additionally, we reserve the right to suspend,
restrict or terminate From Eden Floristry products or services for any reason
at any time.

11.0 Corona Virus

11.1 If due to the corona-virus pandemic you are
postponing your wedding, the event commissioner must notify From Eden Floristry
as soon as reasonably possible. Availability to re-schedule your booking with us
will then be discussed. As the booking fee is non-refundable (See 2.2), if
there is availability to change your booking date this booking fee will be
transferred to the new date. However, if availability is not possible for this
date, the booking fee will not be refunded to the event commissioner. Please
bear in mind that availability of certain flower varieties will change from
season to season. If the postponement/cancellation is prior to ordering your
wedding flowers, From Eden Floristry will use your booking fee for a future
date. If your flowers have been ordered, received, processed and/or designed,
you will be financially responsible for the flowers and all labour provided.
The remaining balance can be applied to a future date. At no point can From
Eden Floristry refund any or all of the payment received.